The current political and economical situation has forced families to abandon their pets in the streets. It is common to see animals left in front of animal stores and veterinary clinics. In some cases, pets are simply tided up to a pole and left to fend for themselves and to starve to death.

Due the lack of raw material, local pet food suppliers struggle to keep up with the high demand or to even put product on the shelves. Imported brands arew just too expensive or impossible to find.

It is a heartbreaking and horrific situation that won't change unless we do something to help.

We are here to Help

We supply animal shelters with:


We have teamed up with pet food suppliers in Venezuela so we can provide our furry friends a good quality and well balance diet.


We organise montlhy shipments from overseas with tick, flea and worm treatments as well as medicated shampoo.

Health Supplements

We also ship vitamines for those friends who require special care.

None of our contributions are released directly to shelters. All our donations are stored at our nominated facility in Venezuela and are released upon approval from the Help an Animal team in Australia.

Our aid not only makes our best friends HAPPIER and HEALTHIER but also gives them more chances to find the ultimate loving home.

Our Secret = Working together

Help an Animal gives support to shelters.

Most of the shelters we support are located in Caracas, Venezuela. Their goal is to rescue street dogs and cats, giving them all the necessary care to bring them back to health.

Once the animal is in good health and has regained its confidence, it is put for adoption to a forever home.

With your help, we hope in a very near future to be able to assist more shelters.

Help an Animal receives NO government funding and relies 100% on our generous supporters.