We have de-sexed 100 stray animals in Venezuela

De-sexing Campaign | Puerto Cabello

13th April 2019

13 stray cats and 27 stray dogs were de-sexed thanks to the support of Control Ético Animal. All animals castrated are under the care of volunteer Olinda Moreno who lives in Puerto Cabello.

Total Animals De-sexed: 40 

De-sexing Campaign | Choroní

11th April 2019

This event was possible thanks to the support of Control Ético Animal who travelled to Choroní to de-sex homeless animals under the care of Quiero un Perro Maracay.

Total Animals De-sexed: 30

Boot Camp Fund Raiser

13th April 2019

A group of Help an Animal supporters gathered to our first Boot Camp to raise funds to contribute to our cause. This small event was conducted by a group fitness instructor.

De-sexing Campaign | Margarita

31st March 2019

Vets from Control Ético Animal travelled to Margarita island to de-sex domesticated animals and stray dogs and cats. We sponsored 6 stray dogs that are under the care of Protejo Mascota.

Total Animals De-sexed: 6

La Fiesta Festival | Gold Coast

3rd March 2019

Our group volunteers attended to La Fiesta Tastes and Sounds from South America Festival at the Gold Coast to raise funds for our cause and create awareness about the situation with the animals in Venezuela.

De-sexing Campaign | Caracas

31st October 2018

Our very first de-sexing campaign!. This event was possible thanks to the support of our volunteers in Caracas and vets from Control Ético Animal.

Animals de-sexed were under the care of group Quiero un Perro Caracas.

Total Animals De-sexed: 24

Outside Tribe Festival | Brisbane

6th October 2018

We had a market stall at Outside Tribe Festival. Our volunteers were selling lemonade, iced tea and dog biscuits to raise funds to feed and de-sex homeless animals in Venezuela.

Arepazo | Brisbane

13th September 2018

We had the honor to volunteered at the annual Arepazo hosted by the Asociación de Venezolanos en Brisbane. This event raised funds to various organization giving aid to Venezuela including Help an Animal.

Arepazo | Sydney

9th September 2018

We were nominated by the Asociación de Venezolanos en Sydney to receive a portion of the funds collected during this event.

Morning Tea | Brisbane

26th April 2018

Our founder visited a company based in Brisbane to raise funds and create awareness about the current situation in Venezuela.


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